Thursday, July 31, 2008

giggle like a schoolgirl

Its been one month!  and its been great.

The man is in bed with me, chatting on the phone with a friend. Making plans to go to the George Street Fest, which I will not go to. I hate large groups of random drunk people and men learing at me. I think I will pass. 

I will see him in the morning and he has that RN exam tomorrow. So one night is ok.

he gotta get out with the boys. Can't spend all his time with me. Plus I work at 9 the next day, he is going to need recovery time. :P

But I will go see shannyganock with jackie at bannerman park sunday and the new Mummy movie.

Sunday we are going to try to make a dressmakers dummy.




Olivia said...

Happy one month anniversary.

I've got to see the Mummy movie too, but haven't even been able to get into Dark Knight as it's always sold out.

meimei said...

ooh the dark night is very good