Thursday, July 17, 2008

oh boo

well blogger has seemed to hate me the last few days and I have not been able to open my account. So after tinkering with it for hours on end, I decided to make anew.

I am going to footnote my entries with my older site incase anyone wants to see previous entrys.
well there was only three.
can't help it, I'm a busy girl. Job, boyfriend, life.

So, in the upcoming weeks, expect to see some posts about my life in st John's. Vintage shopping(which me and the man have decided we can only do once a month, because I am adept at finding great clothes for cheap. Ie. the super cool orange haiwaian shirt we found at sally's for him. He found this uber cool mens black leather biker jacket that fitted me like a glove. So I had to have it, a black leather pencil skirt, this pleated wool skirt(I can convert into a dress) and on it goes at sallys.

So today I wore a white and blue circle skirt, with a red suede blazer(found at value village for $14) with my red high top sneaks(found at a closing out sale for $4.)

I am at the man's now(I was calling him the boy but he did not like that, so I changed it) Men huh?
We are having our daily date, ok if its a daily date you are asking? Why am I blogging, well we are bbqing for supper and while he tends to the bbq, I am using his pc.


+Pics will be updated soon(on a day off) have to show off those great finds.
+Jazz Fest photos and entry
+Plus an eco friendy blogarticle to come soon, doing the research for it now.


Taiwan Photographers said...

Finally! Gah! I've been trying to leave you a comment for days and your blog kept pushing me out. Changing your URL seems to have fixed the problem, but I can only leave a comment from my Taiwan Photographers blog. So, hello and yes, you are a super cute photos and a brilliant bargain shopper my dear. It's good to see you so happy and healthy!

Just out of curiosity, did you look into Wordpress at all?

Taiwan Photographers said...

Oops. I forgot. You probably don't know about my Photographers website. It's Carrie from My Several Worlds. :-)