Sunday, July 27, 2008

treating my sweetie

my man has to crack down hard core to study for his RN exams. So we won't be spending much time together this week. 

We are going to spend at least one hour together, if not he will go mental studying and I will have one crazy boyfriend to deal with. We plan to go swimming at 8 even night at the University swimming pool(he lives close to the uni and still has his student card) We want to relax in the warm pool for an hour, then grab a coffee. Maybe I will sleep over at his place, or he at mine, we will read together. I will make sure he studies hard, but not too hard(not to burn out)

I will quiz him, make him some supper, provide comic relief with my dead pan humour. Keep myself busy painting or making my nylon jewlery and button pins. 

I am planning on opening an etsy shop and taking some sewing courses at the local design school, the Anna Templeton school for craft and design. Some great artists come from that school. 

but soon, there will be posts on the 8th annual Lantern fest and some pics of my jewelry samples.


Taiwan Photographers said...

I'm interested to see your jewelry Michelle. Did you know I designed jewelry for a living for ten years before I moved to Asia? I worked with several haute couture bridal salons in Ottawa, Montreal and
Canada? Most of my designs were made for specific gowns. I also worked one-on-one with brides to create custom one-of-a-kind headpieces. I specialized in handmade wire jewelry...especially Swarovski, pearl and semi-precious tiaras with matching accessories. Show your stuff girl! I'm waiting.... :-)

Olivia said...

Look at you all domesticated, it's so funny to see you like this.

meimei said...

thanks carrie. In time I will show more, and yes I knew you did!

and lol libby