Monday, August 4, 2008

the man lol

Its Monday morning, me and the man have to work. I am at his place because there will be construction going on my street today(ie no water all day)

so last night he had cpr training, so after he picked me up at work, we walked over to the School of nursing at the Health Sciences and he showed me around the nursing-med school. Then I walked home, changed, got a few things together and walked back over to the HS building.

Then we went to his place, had nachos and went to sleep.

Then we had to get up, shower,eat breakfast and he had to leave for work first.

This is how our morning goodbyes go. Its quite a production.

.He gets up and says I gotta go now, but I don't wanna. We hug, he gets his jacket and coffee.
.We hug or kiss again, he puts shoes on.
.We get to the door, and say I love you and have a good day at work. Hug and kiss again.
.He gets out of the porch, leans in for a kiss and I tell him to go to work.
.He gets half way off the bridge, stops and say I love you/miss you. Blow kisses. Wave.
.I step in(don't close door) then peek out, and he is walking backwards. We smile and blow kisses.
(this step) will actually last a long time till he actualy turns around and goes to work.)


still coming. Those lantrn fest pics(I promise) more rec jewerly and the St John's Regatta.


Olivia said...

Oh my god what an epic! You two, honestly! :P

meimei said...

epic I know