Friday, October 10, 2008

das woche

My week so far

Monday not feeling to well

Tues- dropping resumes out(11am), 11.15 drop resume at one store, fill out application, 11.30 am interview, 3.30 pm has the job

Wed work 2.15pm to 10.15pm

Thurs 6pm to 10.15

Friday 1pm to 6pm

This Sat I will work 6pm to 10.15

This Sun is Canadian Thanksgiving


Olivia said...

Well done on getting a job so quickly. Where are you working now?

I hope your knee is recovering quickly.

meimei said...

at sears and I love it! I only work part time, but thats ok. I take care of Chad the rest of the time

Olivia said...

Really? Why do you like it? Lots of standing and walking so take care. What department(s) are you in?