Sunday, October 5, 2008

the sun is shining

hi. The sun is shining outside, the wind is a bit cold here in St john's today.

My dad flies in tonight[only for a night] off to Turks and Cacios on Monday. Not a vacation mind you. Its work, hard work. Restoring power to the hard hit islands. 

My dad is a electrican with the Fortis Corp. Fortis owns power company's all over North, Latin and South America. When one of their power companies needs help, they get their workers to go down and help. Last time my dad went to Barbados to help after a hurricain. 

So all the best to my dad.

My leg is getting better, yah! and I am looking for work. I am still trying to get over the fatigue that I seem to get alot. I feel tired alot. But my body is healing, so thats a good thing.

Also, Tuesday is my mans bday. I got him a **** ** ***** [I'll tell you later, like after his bday. because he might be reading this---shifting eyes] He is a cheeky buggar. Plus I will get him a cake....

Well I know I did get him the frogs, but that was a early birthday gift. :)

well thats all for now.

Its now nap time


Olivia said...

I like the lace curtain in that window. I am going to look at the photos of your new place now.

Olivia said...

What a cute place, with the honey colored woods and corn colored walls. It will be great in the winter for your mood.
But what is the outside like? Cute i hope?

meimei said...

oh very cute. I will post pics of the outside soon!