Tuesday, December 16, 2008

how I hate being sick

the headache, the fever, the cough, the chills, the oversleeping and the aches. For the last three days I have been in bed, sleeping on and off, not being able to eat much. I missed one day of work and I have to work tomorrow. From one to six pm. Its only five hours, I will take the meds Chad got me and hope for the best.

I got tooth-ache gel for my tooth, cough syurp, I can take acetaminophen for my headache, and hope for a quick 5 hour shift. 

Thursday I work 6-10:30 pm, Friday 1-6pm and Sat . Then I am layed off. DON'T worry. I am looking for jobs every day. I am considering ICT, a call center that offers tech support for cell phone companies. Its only 6 hour shifts, 5 days a week. $12 an hour. I have loans to pay off. Rent to pay. Bills to pay. Rent.

So after all these meds I just took. I shall be fine. I will dress warmly tomorrow, turtleneck for me tomorrow, winter boots.

Even if it is still warmer out. I think the rapid change in temp, is making my asthma act up. But keeping my body regulated is a sound plan.

Plus I live with a nurse and a nursing student. I got a good support system.


Olivia said...

Hehe, you already talk as though you live with a nurse ;) but I am glad you once again have him to take care of you.

Sorry you're sick and sorry you're laid off by now. Good luck finding a new job, and I hope you feel much better for Christmas and New Year's.

Enjoy the holidays.

meimei said...

thanks sweetie