Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wild nights and 2 wild surprises

 game night with Chad and Jackie.

Planet Earth Dvd game, Scrabble and Risk. 

The first surprise is went Chad and I were up shopping at Stavanger Drive. We went up to visit the pet store, thinking about getting a new pet. Either a budgie or a few mice. We popped into Walmart to visit our friend Jackie[who works at the Pharmacy] she told us she was getting off work at 5 [and it was 2 when we were there] so we told her we would wander around till she got off.

so we went to the game department to pick up scrabble and risk, then headed over to electronics to look at cell phones. Chad needed a new one. We were looking at the phones and the companies when I saw the Virgin Mobile phones and packages. You could get the couple plan[where calling each other is free] so we were in. But they didn't have the phone we wanted.

So Chad mentioned Future shop. We went over, found the phones, got set up and then they gave us $100 each to spend in store.

There was a promotion on, if you got this phone 
on a three year plan[with Virgin you can use Canada wide, so when we move-no need to switch a package]

So she gave us the $200 and we decided to look around the store. Chad got two PC games, Left for dead and Myst: Final chapter and the Sean Connery dvd collection.

I got the Rogers and Hammerstein dvd collection, the Vinyl Cafe Xmas CD[with Dave cooks a turkey- look it up- its awesome] and Bakara [the most moving doc you will ever watch]

After this we headed back to Walmart to tell Jackie that we will be waiting, grabbed a bit to eat and then got chad new underwear.

From there we headed home with Jackie to play some games and drink Chai tea to warm up.


This morning around 10

SNOW. A nice soft blanket of snow fell overnight. We are thinking of taking the dogs for a walk, heading over to Chapters to browse books, have a coffee. Look at games at Toys-r-Us. Chad has to get a TV for his mom.


Olivia said...

My mum used to love Future Store when she lived in Canada.
It is amazing that you get $100 each to spend in store if you sign up with Virgin.

Still no mention of snow down here, thankfully :)

meimei said...

yah for you