Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday has tagged you

So whats in your bag?

Well my bag is an vintage leather backpack with interchangeable staps, from purse to backpack.($4 @ sallys)

In my purse I have the emergency powder(for those times I stay at the mans) my retro red and peachy lipsticks. My bus pass, hello kitty wallet, right now two magazines with all the fall fashions I want to cut out and paste somewhere for inspration to update wardrobe. My meds and a reuseable water bottle filled with my fave juice. Also a jar of honey roasted nuts for snacking, a bus scedual and a flyer for a local b&b.

I gotta tag libs(my London gal gone NYC) and carrie(my uber funtablous mate teaching in Tawian)

love to see what you got in your bags girls.

Ps. I am wearing a black turtleneck with my highwaisted herringbone pants, my purple ballet flats and a chunky wooden cross necklace(and a red and brown jacket)

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