Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proposed date

Every week me and the man try to get at least one day off together. So we can sleep in and cuddle, grab a coffee in the morning at hava java or coffee and company.

coffee and company

Today I met him after his night shift(ended at 7.45am) and we came back to 
my place and took a nap together, after we woke(I woke at 11.30am and he rose at 1pm) we dressed and wandered off downtown. We ha
d lunch at the Shanghai resturant(shreaded pork for him, lemon chicken for me) and went up to the hardware shop where my lovely pine bishops bench is waiting for me.(I am slowly paying the balance off, its an handmade high back pine bench with under the seat storage and a lower shelf for $300. Its a local product, made in paridise, NL) and to visit Pam( a friend from college)

then it was off downtown again, we dropped by Sallys and I found this beautiful fur cropped jacket for 19.99. (The Man has now cut me off from all Vintage Shops till next month) and we walked the fog covered Water St to Hava Java(a local coffee haunt) but it was way too crowded for my liking, so we had tea and italian soda at Coffee & Co(my prefered coffee and godiva chocolate shop)

For tomorrow we plan on attending the organ concert at the local anglican cathedral, then
 popping downstairs for some tea at the crypt(tea room)

Photo via Pam Green

change of plan, earler this morning I had to go to the doctor's and got caught in the rain. So its now pizza and movies and a lay-in in bed.


Olivia said...

Oh my goodness, you little sophisto you!

Coffee shops, custom furniture, Godiva, waterside walks, cathedral concerts! Yes, you have definitely grown up Missie!

I like it.

meimei said...

awww shucks libby