Sunday, August 24, 2008

gaga for lady gaga

new music love.

If you havn't heard her single just dance, where have you been?

visit her youtube channel

watch her gagavision at

she also has a myspace and a imeem account

I guess you guys always knew I was a fan of electro-pop, and I am glad with artists like Lady Gaga and Yelle(sharing their music online) that electro-pop is becoming more known over in North America.

and if you like Yelle you should check out grand marnier.  Yelle's drummer.

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Olivia said...

I've lost sound on my laptop and video stops every five seconds, so I can't see it until I reboot. Which can't do coz got many windows and tabs open with lots of info.

So I will look her up another time coz I kind of like techno/electronica.