Wednesday, August 27, 2008

movie reviews and busted knees

The house bunny

Its not what you think. Its funny, but not sexist. Anna Farris kicks butt as the "just booted from the mansion" Shelly.

Looking for a new home, she follows some uni students and finds what she was always looking for, family and a home.

The movie screams girl power and an important message about sisterhood, following your dreams and being the best you can be.


Back in bed. With a torn CMS lig in my knee, I need to use crutches and really am not aloud to move for another week. I get to see a surgon next week and may need to get surgery.


Olivia said...

Oh Mich, so sorry you did your knee in again, obviously worse than it was before.

I am surprised you're changing majors, and I thought you'd finished. But look at us! I abandon art history for dentistry and you abandon graphic arts for occupational therapy?

meimei said...

life is hard huh


Olivia said...

yes but why are you changing majors?