Saturday, October 18, 2008

blundering around

To Answer Oliva's question, Chad graduated from MUN's Nursing program. This was Chad's pinning cerm. It was just after convecation.

and this is what the back of the hoods looked like.

and here is Chad being cheeky.

This is his class. Fast Tack Nursing 2008. Chad now has a job at St. Clare's Hosp.

and this is me, after work. Well kinda, my knee is still bothering me. My Physio. said  didn't need anymore theraphy, but my knee has been wonky the last few days and I may need to cut my hours at work. I am worried because they may decide to let me go because of this. 

My Bf is a nurse , he doesn't want me hurting myself. I know my leg needs to rest, but I also need money to pay off my loans. I am kinda considering just working through the pain. But if they only give me 15 hours a week, I may be able to hold onto the job.

But I may need to put school on hold for a bit. Which is too bad.

The photos for the grad cer are here

and for the nursing shool cerm go here 

but its a Sat night, I am catching up on Ugly betty, talking to mom while chad is out with the boys. 

have a good one


Sugar's Dream and RL said...

Sorry your knee is bothering you. I hope all works out with work. I hope they are understanding that of the previous injury on your knee doesn't will them to let you go.

Tell Chad grats on the graduation! Its always a plus to have a nurse at home.

Anywho miss ya and hope to talk to you soon.

later gater.


meimei said...

awww thanks sug

Olivia said...

Congrats to Chad again - thanks for the additional post.

I like the hoods. I was curious because of the way it banded straight across the front, usually they dip down a bit - even my one at Glasgow university in Scotland, and being medieval and all they didn't even use fur!!

Sorry to hear about your knee, it is best not to push it too much for fear of ccausing permanent damage, but I should just let your nurse-man tell you off instead.

meimei said...