Friday, October 31, 2008

Wedding Shows and barry white

This epp of Kath and Kim they showed Kath planning her wedding. In the first few min its a show of really funny wedding dresses, and the one she picks...OMG. Funny.

It makes me glad me and chad want to elope. Although I am still deciding on what to wear, I would like to have a nice dress, Chad wants to get me an engagment ring, even though I told him its ok. And he wants wedding bands as well.

So the other day we went to a jewlery store and looked a some rings. I saw this one cubic saphire ring surrounded with small diamonds. 

So if he really wants to give me an engagment ring, I like that one. lol.

Well off to work. 

* * * * *

and back. in one hour. Never try to get to work when you are sick. It does not work. I am snuffy, with a bad a$$ headache, I sound like Barry White, and my joints hurt.

When I got to work, I looked so bad. I got splashed two times on my way there. My hair was flattened, my cheeks were flushed and did I mention I sounded like Barry White?

So I was sent home.

Blah. Time to sleep this off and watch shows

Today I am going to watch [online links to be found here] CSI[onfastpasstv] and little Mosque on the Prarie [a great Canadian Show- view here]

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Olivia said...

What, what? You two are sounding pretty serious! You go girlie!