Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Break out the Vids: Personal vault


Lilim said...

Poor kittie >_< I think the bubbles won!

OMG! I LOVE BELLY DANCING! Can you belly dance... I kinda can but I'm still unsure about things

meimei said...

I can! You belly dance. Awesome

Lilim said...

I just do a little what I've read in books or online XD then I mix it up with moves that I find fun to do hehe

Its something I do when no one is home hehe

meimei said...

oh, I should put a vid up to show u how to belly dance. I teach disco belly dance

Olivia said...

OMG! You ARE engaged and you have a ring!

And you sound more Canadian than you used to!

You want to go to Nunavut!!??

OMG! All these changes!

I enjoyed the videos, but stay with the mix. Takes longer to watch a vlog than read a blog but if it's important and you want to chat with us, then that's great.

Congrats on all your big new plans for the future Michybear!