Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parents and provence's

My parents are in town, the puppies love them and me and chad are thinking about going north.

To Nunavut(the blue colour up north) or manitoba(green colour)

I am pushing for Manitoba, Winnipeg. Winnipeg is the new culture capital of Canada. Bound to find a job in Graphic design there. But Up north offer
s Chad and I the opp. to pay off loans and travel. With the living bonus and great pay.  View a map.

Well its ours to decide, and I guess the artic or the rolling plains would be a great adventure for the two of us.


Sun @ 8.46 am

<---St. John's is here.

My parents left this morning for Port aux Basques, a good 10 hour drive across the island. They enjoyed their stay, but it is a bit expensive here. They did try to do a bit of xmas shopping in town for my neice Tori.

The cost of Gas, the goods in the stores, just a bit higher here is St. John's. But we have friends here, good friends. 

I like my job at Sears and Chad has a good Job at St. Clare's Hospital.

St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital is a tertiary, adult acute care hospital which has been serving the people of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1922 under the guidance of the Sisters of Mercy. In 1994, the Sisters of Mercy reached an agreement with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador regarding the transfer of ownership of the hospital. As part of this agreement, the Sisters still maintain a presence in the hospital and continue with the mission, vision, values, philosophy and ethical principles of St. Clare’s. As a teaching hospital, St. Clare’s is affiliated with Memorial University’s Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing.

Well now its time to go sort landry and tidy house. I have to work most of next week and don't have a day off till Thursday.

 Then I work Friday and Sat[those are the busiest days-sales, sales, sales] Its too bad because Chad had to work this weekend[he really wanted to spend more time with my parents] And he has Mon-Wed off, and I am working. But such is life.

Sun, 10am

side story: SWEET RELICS

Its our new Fave coffee shop/bookstore. 
Located off Signal Hill Rd(just down a way from Newfoundlands greatest Heritage site-Signal Hill Tower) is the cosy little coffee stop, SWEET RELIC. Its located in a local heritage house[they remodeled to its former glory] 

It offers Illy espresso, grand tea collections, yummy cookies[try the lime melts], scrumious cakes. They are eco friendly and to add into the mix- a very friendly stray cat who likes to walk in and cuddle on one of the chairs for a hour or too!  If you ever get to make it to St John's, try this spot.


Olivia said...

Wow, impressed that your parents got to meet Chad. :)

I still can't believe you want to go to Nunavut, though as you say it will be an amazing experience with good pay and benefits.

As for Manitoba, it sounds like those prairie provinces are coming into their own finally, as Calgary is booming so I guess Winnipeg next door has to keep up. What are the main industries there?

I guess all you can do is see how it goes nearer the time.

meimei said...

thats right...either or will be grand for me

meimei said...

I guess I am ready to wander again

Olivia said...

Yeah, well the nice thing now is you aren't going to wander alone.

meimei said...

thats very true