Thursday, November 20, 2008

November rain

Its been raining awhile here. Its been warm with dull grey skys. Its a good thing I bought a new winter jacket that is waterproof. 

Later today I will be going for coffee with my good friend Anthony. I not too worried about the rain because I have some really cool wellies that will keep my feet dry.

Anthony just called, and we set ou
r coffee date for 6'oclock today, after Chad gets off work today. It would be great for chad to relax a bit with friends because he is stressed from work.

Plus I woundn't mind going for a coffee and checking out coles[the book store next door]
I have a Customer card from them that is goodfor chapters, coles and Amazon. I love books and I am currenty reading the Josephine B Trilogyby Sandra Gulland. About the Life of 
Josephine Bonaparte.

I am still xmas shopping for Chad, I can
't seem to
 help myself. I just want us to have a really good first xmas together. I have some decorations up, I have made plushie stars and plushie mistletoe. There is something about homemade decorations that I love.

I still have a few more to make, sewing them is fun, Chad loves stuffing them. Its like a family

Its a perfect past time. 

Here is a view of the rain from our living room window. And yes we live in a basement apartment.


Olivia said...

I have the Josephine Trilogy too! Or had you know my books are all over the world now.

It was riveting reading, hope you enjoy it. It's been long enough that I'd love to read em again.

How come it's not cold enough for your rain to turn to snow?

meimei said...

I read it before, and I love it. Amazing read

meimei said...

I don't know, its been mild

Olivia said...

ok ok I checked the weather - you call 10 degrees below NYC temps "mild" I am reminded you are a true Canadian who has lived in Yellowknife and therefore won't bat an eyelid at Nunavut!

meimei said...

lol, very true