Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Romantic evening in St John's

Yesterday me and a lovely random romantic evening after I got off of work at 5pm. 

I met him at home, where he changed out of his scrubs and we headed over to churchill sq to eat atQuitanias. 

They were so busy[it would be a hour wait for a table] so we decided to try Papa's peir[also booked] so we headed downtown to sun sushi [they were booked-but we sat at the bar]

[Downtown St John's]

Chad tried a new beer[asagi] and he loved it. He ordered a supper special of sushi and
 I had veg tempura and orange chicken[yum]

After our meal we walked over to Posie Row[my fave artisian shop- it has belly dance gear, handmade jewerly...], then up to Downtown Comics[which was closed] so we went to Afterwords[a local bookshop], then to Sword and Steel[Comic Shop]

Then we walked home along Merrymeeting Road.

[sun sushi on DW St]

Right now we are relaxing, Chad is playing a Game. I wouldn't mine going for a walk and maybe looking at Chapters. 


Olivia said...

Oh I see it now! I LOVE the candy apple! Mmmmm, so cute :) Thanks.

So you had a lovely Saturday night in St John's with your man. It's such a pretty town and I like the name Merrymeeting Road. Why is it called that?

Also, what sort of cuisine is served at Quitanias?

meimei said...

I have no idea, maybe I should post a story about st John's

Quitanias is tex mex

Olivia said...

Tex Mex! Yes Please!!!